The Marriage Between Your Smartphone and Your Car

As smartphones are increasingly taking over the planet, car manufacturers are in a frenzy to provide an enhanced experience between your smartphone and your car. Once behind the wheel, automakers want you to feel connected to the most important piece of technology that you own, your phone.

Far beyond technological features like voice recognition and bluetooth connectivity, automakers are working towards integrating technology in your driving. Manufacturers have noticed that digital reinforcement have driven car sales in the past couple of years.

Manufacturers at Ford have already created the ability to link into drivers’ apps, so that they may have all the technology in a seamless experience as they move from home to work to back home. Such is evident in their 2015 Sync 3 model.

Big, bright touch screens, bluetooth integration, wi-fi in the vehicle are all features that attract consumers and are the wave of the future. Look out for more technologically advanced vehicles in the near future. The future is now.