Canadian Residents Can Try Their Luck For a Limited Time … Just In Time For Black Friday

As the holiday season approaches, many people across Canada are looking for ways to save on gifts and other purchases that they will make before the year is out. Coupons, discounts, and the ever-popular Black Friday sale are all important factors that a shopper uses to determine whether they are going to make a purchase or not. But what if these savings aren’t enough of a price slash to please the consumer?

As a surprise to many, there is a way to get even more additional assistance with gift shopping…and its actually fun!

We introduce you to Prize Wheel, the “Spin-the-Wheel” game that’s even better than the typical version that you experience at the carnival or local fair. Why expend all of your energy tugging at some overlarge wheel, when you can complete a spin with a single click of your phone?

The Prize Wheel App provides a chance to enter to win real prizes featured on the Prize Wheel. Just like your favorite sweepstakes, giveaway or raffle! Each time you spin the Wheel, you can enter to win a drawing for the item you land on. The Prizes change often and are updated with new and exciting items all the time, like gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants along with new and unique hard to find stuff!

And the beauty of it all is that there is a guaranteed winner each day!

How does it work you ask? All you do is spin the wheel. When it lands on a prize you will be prompted to enter your date of birth and email address. This enters you into the drawing for that prize. Think of it like a raffle ticket, sweepstakes or drawing.

So head to your respective app store and download the Prize Wheel app and start spinning the Prize Wheel each day for more chances to win! There is no limit to how many times you can enter each drawing or win! It is an excellent way to cure those holiday shopping blues!